Easter day is a special day for most of the Christians living in the world. It generally falls on a Sunday and Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on this day. It is one of the most celebrated events among Christians. We can make the Easter vacation a memorable experience by devising new ways to celebrate Easter at home. 

Here are eight things that you could do to make this Easter celebration the best so far.

Download a multi-video chat application 

The chat application will help extended families to get together through video calls. They can paint Easter eggs live through the camera. Also, they can engage in a fun game called ‘Indoor Easter Egg Hunt’ which is an online easter egg hunt. They will hide a painted Easter egg within the space the camera is focused on. Each member will get a chance to make a guess where the egg is hidden. 

Easter egg hunt at home 

The family can arrange an Easter egg hunt inside the house or in your backyard. This Easter egg hunt will be an outdoor activity. Finding the Easter egg will delight the kids and toddlers at home for the Easter holidays. The egg hunt is one of the best ways to celebrate Easter at home.

Online feast with your loved ones

Set a special Easter meal and bring all the family members to do the Easter break together virtually. This meal will bring the much needed festive and cheerful feeling to the family celebration. 

Be creative and crafty to celebrate Easter at home

The most fun-filled activity of the Easter festival is the hand-painted Easter eggs. The whole family can get a little more creative and united to make colourful Easter eggs and bunnies.  

Bake homemade special treats and Easter food

One of the most memorable Easter activities is conjuring up special Easter treats in the kitchen with your loved ones. Download exclusive Easter recipes and use online groceries on the internet. These treats will help you to continue the Easter tradition uniquely from home.

Arrange a movie marathon 

A movie marathon can be the ideal time to watch some movies. You can choose movies with the Easter theme or some shows. Netflix, Prime Video, any other online movie streaming site can be perfect options for this occasion. A movie marathon will be one of the most extraordinary ways to celebrate Easter at home. 

Live stream an Easter service 

Most of the local churches will be streaming their local Easter events live throughout the day. The family can watch this together. Through this, you will not miss out on the essential activity of Easter. 

Dress up and take Easter Sunday pictures 

With all the fantastic decorations and special homemade treats, the family also can dress up for the occasion. Moreover, the family can take Easter Sunday pictures and portraits. Photos will help to remember this special day even after years.

The above activities will help all of you to be with each other. Celebrating Easter from home is important because some of you’ll are not physically close to each other. These will help to have the same amazing conversations and enjoy the company of your loved ones every Easter.

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