Do you want to discover how to hypnotize someone easily? In this article, we have evaluated four critical aspects of the hypnotizing process.

How to hypnotize someone to love you?

Hypnosis is as an art-filled with darkness. It is the power to make someone accept and bend to your will. However, hypnosis is a natural phenomenon that occurs on a day-to-day basis in our lives. Enhancing one’s social and interpersonal skills and learning to love yourself is the ideal way to make someone love you. It is not practically possible to make someone fall in love with you through the process of hypnosis. Below are some of the activities that you could practice to cultivate love and affection around you. 

  • Always pay close attention to your loved ones when you are with them. Along with the most important thing is to make them feel that you are present for them. 
  • Communication is key to a successful relationship. It shows them that you understand and listen to your loved ones. Speak with them openly and make them feel that they are an essential part of your life. 
  • Always treat your closed ones with respect, love, and care. Moreover, recognize your loved one’s achievements and respect their personal goals. 

To do all of the above, you don’t need a mystical ability. When you start to live your life fullest with your loved ones, they will naturally gravitate towards you. 

How to hypnotize someone with your eyes?

Hypnotizing with eyes in one of the most efficient ways to hypnotize a person. You need to obtain the consent of the person before hypnotizing someone.
There are two stages in this process, namely eye focussing exercise, and the hypnotizing stage.

Engaging in eye focusing exercise

  • Maintain eye contact for a slightly more extended period without winking and flickering. Proper maintenance of eye movements is essential at this stage. It will help the person to maintain good eye contact with the person during the process. 
  • You will have to practice the activity mentioned above to enhance your concentration with your eyes. Initially, start the above by looking at a closer object. Then increase the distance between the object and the eye gradually. 

Hypnotizing stage 

  • Firstly, you need to have consent from the person getting hypnotized to engage in this process. 
  • Secondly, allow the person to sit in an upright, relaxed posture. Standing isn’t recommended as they become very comfortable during the process; hence can fall over. 
  • Thirdly request the person getting hypnotized to concentrate on a specific spot underneath your right eye. At this time, you need to advise him/her not to look anywhere else strictly. 
  • Keep on looking at him/her without blinking. Slowly start counting from five to one in a soft tone. While counting, begin telling the below phrases in a calm and low tone. 
    • “Your eyelids are becoming heavier and heavier.”
    • “Your eyelids are growing heavy as if heavyweights are pulling them down.”
    • “Soon, your eyelids will be so heavy they will close.”
    • “The more you try to open your eyes, the more heavy, loose, limp they become, and the more stuck shut they will be.” 

Source : Hypnotism: Your Absolute, Quintessential, All You Wanted to Know by Rachel Copelan

  • In general, you need to repeat the above multiple times while counting.  
  • Then slowly say that you will touch the shoulder. Ask them to relax. Request the person to get more and more relaxed while you are touching his/her shoulder. At this stage of the process, you need to make sure you tell the person the purpose of touching the shoulder. 
  • Also, make sure the person getting hypnotized obey and follow your voice commands. Then start to count again from five to one and tell him/her that when you say one, they will merely tune in to the tone of your voice.
  • Finally, you can check their state to see if you have control over the person. 
  • Importantly, it would help if you made sure that this process is handled in a very responsible manner. It is because the person getting hypnotized has kept a lot of trust and faith in you. 

How to hypnotize someone with words

Words are another powerful way to stimulate the subconscious minds of people. We can call these words’ power words‘ are here are some of those power words. 

  • Imagine

During the process of hypnosis, when you ask your prospect to do something, they might object to it or question the instructions provided by asking him to ‘imagine’ you can overcome the stage that raises objections. 

  • You

The word ‘you’ is a crucial word that can lead to successful hypnosis. It is mainly because our minds take a break when we spare time to evaluate ourselves. 

  • Because

It is natural for humans to be vigilant to know the why of everything. This cause and effect are embedded in the word ‘because.’ 

How to hypnotize yourself to forget someone

Hypnotize yourself

As discussed above, hypnosis can be done only on natural phenomenons. It is not practical to use hypnotherapy to forget a particular person or memories. Hypnosis will help a person manipulate specific memories, which will help the person to get over it soon.
When a person goes through a difficult period in their life, his/her mind tends to see that person or memory as significant enough to warrant negative feelings. The task of the person doing the hypnosis is to convince the person to change those memories associated with him/her. The longer a person keeps those memories in mind, the harder it will be to forget them. Remembering a person or memory that gave pain and suffocation makes a person add more importance to individuals who created that lousy memory.
A hypnotist can help you overcome this by changing the way the person feels about that painful memory. He will not be able to make the person forget that particular memory completely. When a person alters the way of thinking, the body will eventually change how it responds to that memory. Cultivating positive thinking will help any person in the world to lead a happy life.

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