A widespread day to day activity we do is buying fresh produce and putting them in the refrigerator. After some time, we figure out the fresh food we bought looks damped, rotten, and shriveled. Are you wondering how to keep herbs fresh longer?
Here is a collection of handy techniques and methods to preserve your herbs at home to take the maximum use from them.

How to keep herbs fresh longer – Useful tips

Fresh herbs can be preserved for a long time using methods below. Some of the herbs that can be kept fresh this way are coriandermintcilantrobasil, and parsley

Method 1

  • Cut off the base of cilantro stems.
  • Fill a jar, a bottle, or a glass partially with water. 
Parsley in a glass of water
  • Dip the stems of the cilantro in the water in the jar. 
  • Make sure to cover the leaves with polythene or a plastic bag before putting it into the refrigerator. 
  • Moreover, t is important to note that cilantro leaves stay better in cold temperatures, hence refrigeration is recommended. On the other hand, parsley can be kept either in the refrigerator or at room temperature. 
  • The water in the jar requires to be changed if you see any discoloration. These herbs can be kept fresh up to 2 weeks by using this method. 

Method 2

  • Keep the herbs on top of a damp paper towel. It would be best if you made sure that the paper towel is not too wet.
Basil on a paper towel
  • Keep the herbs on top of a damp paper towel. Do not wet the paper towel too much.

Basil on a paper towel

  • Keep the herbs on top of a damp paper towel. Do not over wet the paper towel.
  • Then gently cover the leaves with the towel and put it inside a plastic bag. Then seal the bag. Avoid crushing of leaves when you are inserting.
  • Refrigerate the plastic bag with leaves. 
  • This method will keep the herbs fresh up to two weeks in the fridge. 

Method 3 – Drying the herbs  

Using a dehydrator 

  • Firstly wash the leaves from the water. Drain the leaves well using a towel. 
Washing Parsley
  • Secondly, remove leaves from the stem. Then use the dehydrator to dry the herbs. 

Drying in the air

  • Insert the herbs in a paper bag and dry in natural air. 
  • Consume the leaves when they have dried. It will take approximately 1-2 weeks. 
Air drying of herbs

Drying in the microwave

  • Keep the leaves on a paper towel and put them in the microwave for less than 5 minutes. 
  • Make sure you mix these leaves once 30 seconds.
  • Once the leaves have dried enough, place them in airtight containers. 

Method 4 – Freezing the herbs

Using ice cubes 

Iced herbs
  • Wash the herbs lightly from water and dry it using paper towels. This method requires an ice cube tray.
  • Take the mint leaves and cut them into small pieces. Add around 1-2 teaspoons of cut leaves into each compartment of the tray.
  • Add water into the compartments and let it freeze in the refrigerator. 
  • Take the ice cubes and insert them into an airtight container. Ice cubes need to be inserted to frozen water. This method will let you keep herbs in the freezer for about three months. 

Using baking sheets 

  • Wash the leaves out well and wipe from paper towels until dry. 
  • Spread the leaves on a clean baking sheet and keep in the freezer for 2-3 hours. 
  • Take out and put the frozen leaves into freezer bags and preserve up to 3 months.

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