What to do when you are bored at a sleepover


Are you planning to host a sleepover with your besties? Are you wondering what to do when you are bored at a sleepover? 

Planning a sleepover is a fantastic idea. Inviting your closest friends to spend a night at your house will surely bring a lot of memories and fun-filled times. A perfect sleepover will have diverse activities that will keep the kids, tweens, and teens entertained throughout the night. However, to make it a success, you need to develop a game plan. Here are some of the fun activities that you could do when you are at a sleepover. 

Sleepover Ideas for kids when they are bored at a sleepover

Sleepover ideas for kids

Organizing a movie marathon 

Organize the most fantastic movie night for kids with attractive movie space. Arrange plenty of comfortable items such as pillows, cushions, and blankets so that they feel relaxed and cozy. Also, prepare some of their favorite snacks like popcorn, candies, or some home-baked goodies of their choice.

Indoor camping 

Parents can arrange a comfy tent inside the house with large blankets, cushions, and pillows inside. Moreover, prepare some snacks, including s’ mores or any of their other favorite meals. When it gets dark to let your children enjoy the time using a flashlight while enjoying the snacks and snuggling in the pillows. 

Set up a popcorn bar 

Create a popcorn bar and have different toppings of their choice. Let them make their popcorn to eat while watching the movie. 

Fun in housecoats 

Give your kids similar housecoats to wear and chill. Playing in housecoats will give the kids a more relaxed and cozy feeling. They will also love wearing them the whole night. 

Arrange a tea party 

Arrange a beautiful tea party for your little girls with cookies and cupcakes and a set of elegant teacups. Let them play while enjoying cakes and cookies.  

Slime game 

Give your kids slime to play with, and it will keep them entertained the whole night. Get them to make different shapes and objects.

Sleepover Ideas for tweens when they are bored at a sleepover

Sleepover ideas for tweens

Make a cozy fort in the room

Spread some bedsheets on the furniture and the ground and keep cushions and pillows to make the space comfortable and cozy. Along with that, hang some fairy lights to give an eye-appealing ambiance to the kids. 

Make friendship bracelets

Your kids will love making beautiful friendship bracelets. Get colorful beads and yarn of their choice. Get them to make them for their besties. 

Spin the nail polish game 

Firstly all the kids will sit in a circle around the game board. One player first spins and selects a nail polish bottle. She gets to paint one of her toes from that color. The game continues until all players have painted all of their ten toes. This game is one of the fun things to do at a sleepover.

Play ‘would you rather’

The questions in this game can be ridiculous. These simple questions can bring about some fun-filled conversations. 

Set up a food and a drinks bar 

The bar can include the most favorite food of your tween’s choice. One of the mandatory things in a sleepover is delicious food. The menu can range from popcorn to pizza to even making their nachos where they get to choose the topping they like. 

Make a spa night 

A spa is made using items like a pack of moisturizing face masks, nail polish, moisturizing creams, bath bombs, and some fragrant candles. If you are wondering what girls do at sleepovers, this is something you got to try. 

Simple photo booth to create sleepover memories 

It is straightforward to develop a photo booth at home. Get some wrapping papers and a couple of balloons and some decorations available in the house for the backdrop. Furthermore, some props could be purchased from a party item store or could be made at home too. 

Make your own eye mask  

Give them the required materials such as clothes and other ornaments needed to make the mask and let them make their favorite mask. 

Pillow fights 

Every tween sleepover needs a fun-filled pillow fight. Give your tweens the softest and well-cushioned pillows and let them play with it all night. Pillow fights are one of the things that tweens could do when they are bored at a sleepover.

Build your own pizza 

Food will be an essential part of any kids’ sleepover. Prepare the pizza dough and let the kids decide each of their toppings. Tasty food will keep them entertained and fed while having fun. 

Arrange a game night 

Every cool sleepover needs fun-filled games. Parents need to decide what games to play during the sleepover and arrange the space accordingly. Few of the best sleepover games are balloon pop countdown, would you rather, sardines and spotlight charades.

Sleepover Ideas for teens when they are bored at a sleepover

Sleepover ideas for teens

Making a salon

Do a makeover to yourself in the salon. Give your teenagers the makeup, nail polish, and other items required and get them to do a makeover for each other or to themselves. They will be able to try out a new look of their choice during the sleepover. 

Arrange a spa night  

If you are wondering what girls do at sleepovers, here’s a suggestion for you. Your teens will love a pampering spa experience during a sleepover. Give them some facial masks, nail polish, warm water tubs to soak their feet in, scented candles, and some virgin mimosa to enjoy while talking. 

Make a blanket fort  

Make a fort-like structure using blankets and spread some sheets on the ground with some soft cushions, pillows, and bean bags. This structure will be the ideal place for your teens to enjoy chatting while having a mocktail. 

Make a hot cocoa corner 

Let your teens enjoy hot cocoa during the slumber party. The most exciting part of this is that they get to make their hot cocoa.

Photo booth fun 

Teens love to snap a lot of selfies and pictures of themselves. So make sure you make a photo booth with a beautiful backdrop and some cool props. Your teens will get to become crazy and have fun while taking pictures. 

Play truth or dare 

Truth or dare is a fun-filled game where the teens will get to know each other’s secrets and exciting life stories with some moments of embarrassment as well. This game will make them scream, laugh, and get surprised at the same time.

Chick flicks  

Print a list of your favorite movies.  Get everyone to mark their preference to decide which movie they are going to watch on Netflix in the night.  

Fashion show

Make each person bring a few outfits of their choice and host an in-house fashion show. Put some music on and get them to take a walk on the ramp with their cool outfits.  

Set up a pancake bar  

Mouthwatering food is a must-have in any teen slumber party. Get them to make their pancake with the toppings of their choice. Don’t forget to have a few flavors of ice-cream as well. 

Dance all night

If you are thinking about what to do at a sleepover at night, here’s something cool you can do. Put some favorite music of your choice and dance all night. 

There are many ways to host a fun-filled sleepover regardless of the age of kids. Be creative and plan well so that your kids can have the most fantastic night with their besties.

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